Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

tuesday after memorial day  §

What am I doing with myself?

I have been in full-on self-destruct mode, but no longer. This is ridiculous, and I am changing as of this morning. Things that have been decided:

1. I am an author. I should write more books and stop fscking around.
2. I am an academic. I should read more books and stop fscking around.
3. New York it is, with San Francisco a close second if New York refuses to work.
4. I want to be with my girlfriend for many years and will make that a priority so long as she’s amenable.
5. There is no reason I can’t cope. I’m just being infantile. I am out of self-destruct mode as of now.
6. It is stupid to waste time.

Changes coming.

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