Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

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when every avenue you can see is
punishment for you
punishment for them
what can you do?
you lost your nobility somewhere
when someone looked at you across a table
and told you they no longer loved you
and you squinted and grimaced,
unable to understand
not quite ready to see
not knowing where to turn
but knowing that you would
forever and ever and ever
down the endless sidewalks and
in the city
the city
the city
where trains are running
and busses are driving
and somewhere you will always be waiting
in her arms at midnight
for the last driver of the night
the last driver of the night, waiting
to take your love away until
never ever
ever ever again
where all of the wild things are
where all of your wonder went
where you don’t see and you don’t hear
what you can’t afford to touch or taste or
like you are now
and will always be, the violins
sweet violins
ecstatic and climbing and — and shining like the sun
touching you
so sweetly that your face is covered in
covered in tears
full of the lost love
full of the yesterheart
full of what you once touched forever
once and forever
and now you know was just a dream
just a dream
a dream
a dream

and you come to and
you take her hand and
you take it and run
you won’t let them catch you
you won’t let them ruin it
you won’t ever stop
even once the tears dry
you’ll find forever and ever and ever
you’ll find it
you’ll find it
before it’s too late

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