Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

facing it all for the too manyth time  §

I am in a really dangerous place in my life right now. I wish someone, anyone, would care enough to stop and spend the time with me to show that I matter. I know that you’re supposed to cry out for help or pull yourself up by your bootstraps or whatever, but really, who wants to? What exactly is the motivation for saving your own self, what is there to look forward to or use as your purpose if you know deep down that the sincerity of each possible thing has been tested and each test has been failed?

Once failed once, the opportunity is missed, trust is broken; the tests can never truly be passed, they are merely henceforth objects of amusement, no matter how ardent are the claims to the otherwise.

Only things that make me feel worse

make me feel better.

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