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don’t be lonely, get a hobby  §

Our culture is backward. We consider it unhealthy if you want to spend all of your time with specific people and don’t care so much about the things that you do when you’re with them. We consider it very healthy to care about things (only we call them “interests” and “hobbies”) and to not care so much about the specific people with which they’re done.

Things = important and the core of your identity.
People = unimportant; your people are whoever happen to be around your things at the moment.

It’s fucking backward.

And yet most people are actually miserable if they can’t do or have their things, while they “get over” relatively quickly any actual people that come into or go out of their life. Their emotional wires are crossed; they attribute deep meaning and humanity to things and feel only a weak connection to people.

It’s commodity fetishism, and it’s an ugly, sickly thing. It makes the world very hard for those of us that are somehow less affected by it, because we don’t have the same relationships with things, but due to others’ preoccupation and twisted emotional states, we can’t maintain any relationships with most people anyway because they simply can’t be bothered to choose us over their things.

So we end up isolated.

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