Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

just keep trying  §

No web at home right now, so this is my end-of-the-day post. As happens every night during these summers, I’m going to go home and try very, very hard to be okay, and to keep my mind on what I’m doing, whatever that happens to be, rather than what I’m not doing or could be doing or wish I was doing.

Tentative plans:

– Go to Lazy Acres and buy some gourmet beer because I’ve had too much Riebenbach
– Go to CompUSA and buy a cheap amplified 802.11b antenna, in a last-ditch WiFi effort
– Read some more Derrida
– ???

That last one’s a real moddafogga.

I think this weekend I’m gonna try and re-climb this hill that J- and I climbed a while back where a lot of dead wood was hanging around looking National Geographic. We’ll see. I still haven’t decided whether to join the “New to SB” club yet. I could use the interaction, but at the same time it’s pretty f’in tacky. I mean, at least when you go to a mixer at your new university department they try to frame it as an exercise in academic discussion as well as mindless “I’m lonely” schmoozing so that you don’t seem like such a weenie.

But whatever.

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