Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

the unexpected vs. the expected  §

I had planned to go climb a mountain today and maybe (though I hadn’t decided yet) carry a camera and shoot some trite photos, but instead yesterday my radiator hose blew up in the middle of the day while I was on lunch break and so, since I need my car for all kinds of general stuff (including getting to work) while in southern California, I spent the first half of the day or more working on fixing it.

Then I was going to try to get my oil changed and then maybe go and do something this afternoon downtown or god knows what, but I have this new neighbor exactly across the way who left me a note saying that she needed to “angle” her apparently sizable furniture into her apartment through my open front door and perhaps it was the subtlest hint or perhaps it was my imagination, but I suspected that if I didn’t give her a call within an hour or two, she’d call the landlady to come and open my door in my absence so that she could finish moving in.

The problem with that is that my place has been an incredible mess, stacked high with paperwork and and endless stream of empty beer cans and bottles. That’s enough by itself to trouble a landlord, but add in the fact that I don’t have any furniture and so everything is stacked high on the carpet around a sleeping bag and I suspect I’d have had something of a crisis on my hands if anyone were to come busting in.

So I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and mopping recycling and organizing and uncluttering and going through my paperwork and blah, blah, blah, shite that I hadn’t planned to have to deal with this weekend. And now it’s after 4.00 and I don’t really want to do anything anymore, I’m pretty beat, mainly because I’m a fucking weenie.


I’m gonna play some video games and drink a beer and watch some television and take a shower and contemplate the possibility of hiking tomorrow.

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