Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

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Some company abuse.

Why I think that news anchors should be chosen on the basis of qualifications, and not looks:

“Researchers believe that using stem cells, specific tissues can be grown in peach-tree dishes.” (CNN)

Why I like FedEx better than UPS:

UPS: “HellathankyasirfircallenUPeeeS” (girl with ridiculously rapid southern accent)

Me: “I have a package coming next-day that your tracking system shows to have arrived at the warehouse. I was wondering if I could arrange to have them hold it before it goes out on the truck.”

UPS: “hinckeltimejabberwockyquickchinook beep beep, I’msarrysir.”

Me: “Um, I’m having a little trouble understanding you, but it sounds like you just said that the package is still in transit to my local area?”

UPS: “luckamankyhankypanky, I’msarrysir.”

Me: “Okay, I think that was a yes, but the package clearly shows as being at the local center already, I just want to have them hold onto it rather than send it out this afternoon for delivery.”

UPS: “mosesjokesandmareseydotes, I’msarrysir.”

Me: “Okay, whatever. Thanks anyway.”

UPS: “ThankyasirfercallinUPeeeS’n’UPeeeSacomhavagudday.” (click)

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