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I’m tired of women who think they get a pass on decency just because they’re women. “I don’t have to tell the truth, I’m an oppressed woman, you’re a man; lying to you is a survival strategy — I’m entitled to some happiness.” “I don’t have to honor my commitments to you, I’m an oppressed woman, you’re a man; breaking my word is a survival strategy — I’m entitled to some happiness.” “I don’t have to think about your feelings before I cynically exploit you, I’m an oppressed woman and you’re a man; you’ve been exploiting womens’ feelings for centuries — so the balance is nowhere near even yet, and anyway, I’m entitled to some happiness.”

It’s like they think just being a woman is a “do what you want, there are no laws or ethics that apply” pass. The simple state of being a woman means that it is impossible for them to ever do anything wrong or be responsible for anything damaging. If they burn down a building, rape a child, or shoot someone in the back, it’s not their responsibility, they’re just a confused-oppressed miserable being striving for some happiness in a world that habitually “batters” them; the fault for any crime they commit instead lies with the men who populate their world and have “oppressed” them. At the same time, the merest misstep in thought (not even in speech or deed) on the part of a man is grounds for castration or even execution.

Fuck that, what a cop-out.

You know what, women: men aren’t happy, either. We don’t have secret throne rooms where we rule the world with a series of small red buttons and order the torture of 13-year-old virgins in the midst of trilateral commission meetings. We feel and are every bit as powerless as you about the course of our lives in capitalism (the real oppressor of us both) and the things we’re able to have and do and be safe from. Statistically we are five times more suicidal. The difference is that somehow we have to forever be accused by the other half of the population, too, from which we desperately need support, while simultaneously getting blamed for being the abusers and being culturally prohibited from sharing our feelings, accepting any friendship or support, or indeed having any real personal interaction outside of business at all.

If that doesn’t wanna make a person kill themselves, I don’t know what does. And when we do kill ourselves, all you say is “good riddance, fucking men.” And then you wonder why we like you less and less. No one is terribly fond of anyone who hates them and who expresses that hate routinely. Is that so hard to understand?

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