Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

i don’t know  §

i just don’t know

the only thing worse than being driven crazy by not having a clue what a loved one is up to, how they feel, or what’s going on in their life most of the time… is learning more and more each day that as they really don’t mind not having a clue what’s going on in yours

the old saying is true: it’s the little things that matter… if the niceties and thoughtful things are in place, then the problem “big things” aren’t so hard after all; if the little things just aren’t there, then no number of amazingly wonderful “big things” can really compensate

i remember ross used to call it “king kong syndrome” when we were teenagers: the way that people feel that those that they are closest to are the ones they should be able to take for granted and/or be discourteous to the most… because the ones that are closest to you should just understand, if they really care about you, should just cut you some slack… the problem is that over time it grinds down the relationship, the good faith, the mutual trust, until there’s very little slack left when big things come up… and big things always come up, eventually

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