Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

ouch  §

Someone very important to you that you haven’t been able to talk to as much as you’d like (you very much hope they want to talk to you), when you finally get them on the phone, says they have something important to do for a moment, and will “call you back in five or ten minutes, okay?”

You say okay and set down the phone, doing nothing because you’re waiting for them to call back.

You sit there for five minutes.
You sit there for ten minutes.
You sit there for twenty minutes.
You sit there for thirty minutes.
You don’t quite know what to do.

Finally, wondering if something bad has happened and bored from sitting on the step waiting for them so that you can do the next thing, you call them instead, worried simultaneously that something is wrong and that you might be interrupting something critical by calling them when they clearly said you should wait for them to call you. When they answer your hesitant call, they sound surprised, and you can hear people conversing in the background. They tell you “Oh yeah. I’m glad you called. Sorry, I totally forgot you were waiting because I was hanging out with so-and-so.”

Then, when you’re hurt (even though you try to hide it) and sad, they get annoyed at you, accuse you.

Multiply by ten when it’s your girlfriend and she’s far away and you want her to miss you as much as you miss her and the voices in the background are all male, one of which she shares every day and every night with. Multiply by twenty when she says she “has to go” again a couple of minutes later, this time without the expectation of a call back in “five or ten” minutes.

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