Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

sinking  §

and all things will return in the rain from the pathways to the river
and all things will return in the river from the currents to the ocean
and all things will return in the ocean from the eddies to the earth
and all things of earth will return by the night of the very depths

to the darkness of time from whence they came

and in their decay, they will sing

they will sing

of death

at sea

at sea

and i am powerless to stop them

i am so impossibly lonely
so tired of early morning hours in silence and cold

i feel like i desperately need to find a girlfriend to sleep next to
to find someone to share life with
to share nights with
to be warm with

a girlfriend would make everything better
a mate

only i have a girlfriend already —
and i love her dearly…

while i’m alone

i don’t know if this is repairable

i need an early-morning porch-smoke

i need fewer feelings

i’m not happy
i’m just not happy

i’m tired of women
always and forever they make me want to die
but i need a woman
otherwise might as well die

once you run out of questions
you add it all up
and you realize you’ve been had

like elvis
like che
like charles manson
like jesus

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