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musings on western socialization  §

Respect requires the willingness to hurt someone when necessary in order to remain honest with them — to allow them to rely on their own abilities to cope and to trust them to do so, rather than to assume that they require protection and to, as a result, lie to them, tell them what they want to hear, avoid confrontation, or keep truth from them.

This is an ethical necessity that most women simply do not have the backbone or nature to carry out, and thus one of the main reasons why women are by and large incapable of having or showing basic respect.

It’s funny… when you’re a young guy you hear all of the old men talking about “women” and what they’re like and you dismiss them as backward reactionaries and assure yourself and your friends that you are of more modern, sophisticated, progressive ilk and “will never be like them” in their opinions of women.

But the older you get, and the more women you know, and the more you reflect on these experiences, the more you realize that the wisdom possessed by the community of men is not to be taken lightly and has, in fact, been assembled across generations. It’s not cynicism at all, it is, rather, resignation and a deep understanding offered at no cost to the (generally unreceptive) young.

I suppse it will always be that way, generation after generation. We all have to learn for ourselves before we really begin to buy into the community.

Lest ye think I am running women down, let me also state: women are every bit as intelligent as men. They can accomplish, in scientific or business or artistic deeds, every bit as much.

But the values that you, a young man, require in order to function: respect, honesty, loyalty, impenetrability, stoicism, power — these are male values. The point is to realize that you will never have them from women; women have their own values that we can’t begin to fathom. But make no mistake: women are the wrong place to look for respect, or honesty, or loyalty as men expect them. And part of having respect for women (again a male value about which they don’t care, but which you must feel in order to function as a young man) is to understand that they cannot, in turn, show respect for you, and not to blame them for failing to do so.

It is disrespectful to expect a woman to show respect, or any other male value.

To the young guys, about women: listen to your fathers and grandfathers. Don’t trust women. Women are not even capable of trusting themselves, or their fellow women, so it’s folly for you to trust them in a misguided attempt to show caring. Trust is a bond between men. At various times women will adamantly assure you that they, too, can trust and deserve trust, but don’t listen to them: they don’t understand what trust means to a man because they have no idea what it is to be a man, just as you and I have no idea what it means to be a woman.

No, simply protect women instead. Never get confused and let them protect you, because they will protect you right into the grave. It is your job as a man, instead, to protect them and direct them away from it.

That is the order of things, and those who don’t forcefully adhere to it are doomed to die early.

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