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+ Commercials are getting ever more sombre and earnest. They have characters and stories and emotional music and births and deaths are starting to happen in them.

+ Actual programming is getting more and more product driven, so that in the middle of every plotline you can spot a dozen commercials.

+ Reality TV is still ruling the ratings roost, and births and deaths are among the highest ratings-grabbers, just look at the longest-running reality shows on TLC.

+ In the real world, medical costs are going up and so are delivery and funeral costs, and fewer and fewer people have insurance to cover either.

So, I propose that we just get to where we’re going already and launch Birth Death TV, a channel that shows births and deaths 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — with the medical costs and disposal costs paid for by the sponsorships of Coca-Cola, Pfizer, Ford, etc., whose products will be prominently featured in every birth or death (more money if the birthing mother or dying person offers an endorsement with his/her most laborious/last breath).

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