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Monthly Archives: October 2005

revelation  §

it is more important to have working email than to have spam-free email

i just found out that exactly 50% of all email i have been sent since re-arranging my accounts months ago to fight spam… have gone to the void, rather than to me

missed jobs?
lost friends’ messages?
unknown emergencies?
all gone now!

surprise messages and sent items  §

Heh. Women.

Is it any wonder? Is any of it any wonder? Hehehehe. I think not.

I think not.

always in the god damn coffee shops  §

And still no cable.

Life: brown, soft. You gotta take this dogshit and iterate it day by day until you feel like you live in the petrified forest. It’s all the same, but I don’t care. I was sitting there listening to some tunes last night and remembering that I’m a person. That was a revelation, let me tell you.

I was remembering walking from International House to Pick Hall to take the slowest-elevator-on-earth and suddenly everything was good, very, very, good, and I drank down a shit-ton of vodka and smiled like a fool and nobody anywhere near me understood what was going on. Nobody can make me smaller; I am simply a giant.

In varying ways, I grant.

Now, for example, I used to be clever, but now I’m just damn skilled at being trite. But a skill is a skill. And I am a giant. Bring on the paychecks. Bring on the apprentices. Bring on the Gold Fucking Watch of Omaha, I can do it, I can do it


we are back  §

After a brief interruption in service during which things were smoked and other things were drank and careers and lives were adjusted this way and that, we are back online. We’ll be changing gradually. Watch and wait and see and all that.

If you aren’t perpetually at the edge of decline, failure, and misery, then you aren’t living very hard.

Everything is a resource. Next epoch begins now.