Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

always in the god damn coffee shops  §

And still no cable.

Life: brown, soft. You gotta take this dogshit and iterate it day by day until you feel like you live in the petrified forest. It’s all the same, but I don’t care. I was sitting there listening to some tunes last night and remembering that I’m a person. That was a revelation, let me tell you.

I was remembering walking from International House to Pick Hall to take the slowest-elevator-on-earth and suddenly everything was good, very, very, good, and I drank down a shit-ton of vodka and smiled like a fool and nobody anywhere near me understood what was going on. Nobody can make me smaller; I am simply a giant.

In varying ways, I grant.

Now, for example, I used to be clever, but now I’m just damn skilled at being trite. But a skill is a skill. And I am a giant. Bring on the paychecks. Bring on the apprentices. Bring on the Gold Fucking Watch of Omaha, I can do it, I can do it


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