Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

on love and bodily fluids in a murderous world  §

The biggest pathological manifestation of modernity is broken love: people will descend into a million different sorts of self-destructive, self-sullying, disgusting behavior to cope with the fact that nobody loves them (or to obtain “alternate” forms of love on the deep unconscious assumption that they can’t have pure, positive forms of love) while at the same time refusing utterly to let anyone love them, for fear that any attempt at love is merely marketing and self-interest on the part of its provider, not substance that can be relied upon.

It hurts very much to see everyone that you love (at times including yourself) hurting, self-destructive, and also, at the same time, unable to accept or believe in the caring of others. But the disability is justified by the fact that all others share the same pathology and are thus equally incapable of caring.

Thus, ultimately, we are all frauds, and we are all self-destructive, and we are all self-sullying, and we are all lonely and disgusting.

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