Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

made it this far i suppose  §

Well, well, well… Salt Lake City.

It’s cold. It’s such an amazing change from southern California. For me it went from midsummer to winter in exactly one day of driving. My entire sense of the world has changed with the seasons. I don’t think it will ever feel like anything but midsummer to me in southern California, no matter how much time I spend there.

No, that’s not necessarily a good thing. Unlike other people, I am not after endless summer. Summer has always been my least favorite season, since I was a small child.

So what now? Two priorities:

1) Money
2) School

I have to complete my school applications. The department has been quite harsh with me, but last night I received an email message that was for the first time a little bit reassuring. I suppose it’s worth it to keep pounding away until I get it right.

More pressing is money… I have none. I have exhausted virtually my entire world of financial means just getting my ass out of southern California and to a place where I know I won’t starve/go homeless if my financial world falls entirely apart. Now I have about 3-4 weeks to rebuild it utterly. We’ll see how that goes, or whether it’s even possible or not. Some things, like my beloved collection of SparcStations, will have to go. Before that happens even, I will have to pay my eBay bill.

It’s strange to be here again. It’s strange to be here with my girlfriend. I love her. I love my family. Why is it strange? I don’t know. The meeting of very different worlds. It brings out the full personality split in me — the one that lives in the soul of every person who has ever left the faith and culture in which they were raised for “enemy” ground.

There is frost out. I will either hit the island or the university today. Either will make me immensely happy. But first, morning caffiene.

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