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on landlords  §

When I moved, I had only been in my apartment for six months and I was an ideal tenant: never a disturbance, always paid my rent, nice to everyone. Plus, I cleaned from top to bottom before I left. I spent two whole days cleaning a little studio that wasn’t even dirty to begin with. The place was spotless — spotless and without a speck of dust anywhere — and smelled of lemon scent and bleach. It was as pristine as the day I moved in six months earlier.

Nevertheless, my landlord took $150 from my deposit for “general cleaning” before returning me the rest. Santa Barbara = the worst place on Earth to try to find housing. They charge you $$$ for application fees, you can’t get a studio for less than $900, the deposit is as big as the @#$% rent, and when you leave, no matter how short your stay or how clean you left the place, they shaft you to the tune of $$$.

Stupid fucking California leeches. It’s not like they need the money, owning 293482369328493284 units that they rent out at $293482037503294803298423065y732098403284 a month. They’re just a bunch of wining and dining greedy bourgeois bastards that will be the first ones against the wall when the revolution comes — a revolution led, god willing, by brown unamericans that will gleefully slaughter their white wasp asses.

This has been my rant on capitalism, California, and deposit money lost.

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