Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

the weight  §

Life is just a bit overwhelming at the moment. I can’t tell whether I’m a fool or a hero. I am living my life like the people that I used to make fun of. No order, no responsibility, no safety, no honor. Just skin of teeth and sneer and readiness for the road.

Bought a $10.00 German army windparka and a bunch of flares today. Have succeeded in completely retrofitting the propane system on the RV for OPD by hand (no, I’m not a gasman, so it may all explode tomorrow, though I have checked for leaks and all that jazz and put in a new reg) and have rebuilt just about every bearing and component except the pilot valve itself in the furnace. Am stealing 12v from that line for an inverter and with the big fat deep-cycles, we should be good to go.

We gotta paint and fix the driver’s seat and pray to whatever god we believe in that we a) don’t run off the road in the ice, b) don’t spring multiple flats, c) don’t freeze to death when we arrive, d) can find a place to park in the insane, dark, bitter Alaska off-season in a town that has forbidden RV parking, and e) actually do have work upon arrival or it’s troublesville.

It’s either jail or get out of jail free, but you can’t tell until you get the sandwiches.

Time flies. Everything flies. We’ll all be gone before you can see it anyway. Already I’m the second-to-oldest generation. A few more seasons and I’ll be the oldest generation. A few after that and no-one will be keeping track.

I don’t know what I want out of life, but this is what life is giving me.

Hi to all the people I should have kept more contact with. There’s an endless list. I’m sorry. I’m bad at that shit, you know. Certainly you know, if you know me at all. I’ve had my head buried inside of my escape-mobile for a stretch. And for a stretch yet, I’ll be driving it. Just for a stretch.

It’s all a fucking stretch.

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