Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

chicago  §

i want to go back
to the windy city
and take the elevated train
the elevated train
to o’hare
chicago, chicago, chicago, chicago
i will die for you

Academics, sure. It’s a sign to hang on myself, like if I was being sold. But here’s the real thing: if I can’t make a living taking pictures and writing, I should go away. Far, far away. Far, far away…

…there was this thing once upon a time — a long, long time ago — by which I could touch the rain, and it was wet and I would laugh and run and run and play at being twelve like a wild manchild in a giant woolen overcoat on the pavement glass, on the point of no surpass and I could live. I could live!

But never and ever was I ready for the leaving and the heaving and the right upright along the way to the last listless flight, thirty here I come…

and ever
and ever
and ever
and ever
and ever
and ever

…to be touched…

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