Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here


After all this mindless hand-wringing about the Palestinian election, someone in the quasi-mainstream media finally publishes on the topic, making the same case that I and many others around the web have made over and over: the neoliberal marriage of democracy and a kind of material-economic gestalt “freedom” is a silly, ethnocentric, culturally naive dream. They are two unrelated ideas.

There is no reason to assume that those given the opportunity to vote around the globe will always vote for western-style markets and policy. Indeed, every piece of evidence we have suggests that (GASP) voters in national cultures that actually participate in the process (a narrowly state-selected, then self-selected group to begin with) will vote for those interests that fall across a spectrum matching the cultural and economic perspectives from which they already operate and under which they already live. SHOCK of SHOCKS!

Or, to put it another way (and as I’ve said before), if you give nations across the middle east democracy, they will happily engage in anti-American, anti-Israeli voting. Because that’s where public opinion in the region lies, whether you believe for good reason or no (I personally believe that it’s for very good reason indeed).

I still can’t believe all of the surprise that the administration and media seem to be feeling in the face of recent election results. Give me a break, you’ve had the polls for years… Apparently you were all just certain that they were liberal lies concocted by America haters in the NGO/NPOs. Well, surprise surprise… there are as many America and Israel haters as the crazy liberals always told you there were.

Now… are you ready to believe that the liberals got the reasons for all this America-hating and Israel-hating right as well, or are you going to wait on those points until a few more regimes are “given freedom” by the Bush administration, only to use it to bite the neocons the ass?

And, more to the point (especially after a State of the Union Address in which bush boldly told the supposedly democracy-endowed Palestinians what they “MUST” now do according to American authority), are you going to respect the democratic decisions of those upon whom you force your western-style democracies, or are you going to discredit the entire idea, foster ill will, and display a complete resignation to utter hypocrisy when you refuse to acknowledge or accept said democratic decisions, doing everything possible to undo them going forward?

Silly, scum-sucking, naive blind-faith-neoliberal simpletons.

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