Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

here goes nothin’  §

Just spent a few hours reconstructing the blog data, which had become corrupted when I ran out of host space a few weeks ago in the midst of all that Alaska-ness. (As an aside, that’s why all months of entries prior to Jaunary 2006 had suddenly dropped off the face of the earth.)

The sick thing is that if Greymatter loses its entry count for any reason, rather than totaling up the number of existing .cgi entry files in the archives directory and beginning in sequence from there, it just starts over again at #1 (that’s right, “one”) and counts upward, overwriting old data as you add new entries.

Luckily, I had some backups, and was able to cycle the new entries to later sequence numbers and edit the index files. Unfortunately, the formats for things like gm-counter.cgi are not documented anywhere that I can tell, so unless you feel like crawling through a shit ton of perl, you just get to give it your best shot, which I’ve done.

If this entry doesn’t overwrite #1, but instead turns up as #585, then the restoration work has been successful.

I’m tempted to say “time to replace Greymatter,” but I just love Greymatter too much, it’s so old school and so easy to hack into various different frameworks, formats, and structures using only your own elbow grease and a pile of HTML/CSS. See here or recall the old Defarge site, for example.

In case anyone remembers it.



Oh yeah, and some things on the site are getting updated for 2006, too, including a new page that will sell my editorial services to the unsuspecting buying public — hopefully.

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