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More to this than meets the eye.  §

So CNN and most of the western media are reporting that the cartoons were created by Danes in response to the Danish press’ request for depictions of Muhammed, as someone was writing a children’s book in Denmark and couldn’t find Muhammed pictures. They further report that Imam(s) in Denmark, outraged at the printing, took these cartoons to Egypt to ask authorities there for political support in the Muslim world, and that Egypt gave it. They suggest that the reason for the delay in uprising was the season of the Hajj, before whose end no Muslim authority would look at them or consider the issue… and that once the Muslim world saw them, the game was on.

Only now it comes to light that these cartoons were first published in a mainstream paper in Egypt in 2005 (see also here and here), without riots, without protests, without even too many “letters to the editor,” it would seem. Then in recent days, only when the U.S. has brought the Iran nuclear issue to a head and referrals to the security council have been made… now that the U.S. is beginning to make noises about invading Iran and Syria… we get Iran and Syria supporting an explosion of violence and rioting that warrants international condemnation?

I don’t think of myself as a conspiracy theorist for the most part, but something does not compute. The Arab free press right now is going nuts over their own conspiracy theories about the governments in the region and why it is expedient for them to foment violence over these cartoons just now, but I can think of a bigger, badder government that could use a similar show of radical extremism in the western press just now… and this bigger, badder government, oddly enough, is responsible for propping half of those despotic regimes anyway (the ones we prop up or have created ourselves would generally be the ones we don’t plan to invade, I suppose… oh, wait…)

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