Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

long year ahead  §

I begin to feel again as though the blog is too public and too private at once, which means, essentially that I am not bold enough to say what I ought to say when I ought to say it. Not good. I need to be honest with people. We will have to see how things evolve.

I really hate living in such a way that I just have to sit around and see who does what and how things play out. It goes against my nature as a man, I suppose. I feel like I want some sort of control, like I need to take some sort of action. My experience as a long-time person, though, tells me that in this case, any attempt to do anything would just be counterproductive. 😐

So it is time to edit photos and work and play nethack and wait and prepare for whatever may be.

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