Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

watching people ascend, descend, and fail to defend  §

Nobody in the world knows what I am doing right now, or what it is like to be me. Nobody is keeping up on me, and nobody cares enough to know at the day-to-day level. I am alone once again after a few years of being not-so-alone.

It’s my personality type, in part, I know. Little tolerance for creatives, charismatics, apathetics or compassionates have I. And little tolerance for my at times hermit-like social skills have others.

There are times when I dislike having anyone at all in my life in any role whatsoever. I get tired of grappling with people, their needs, and their failure to dead with my needs. I’m a very useful sort of animal on my own. Why should I be bothered to try to nurse companions along?

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