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Welcome to 2006-2007  §

Well, here it is. It was time for a change. It’s a bit early for “next year’s model” by my usual standards, but I think sometimes you have to move into a new place in order to get your head on straight.

There’s a lot of non-blog stuff still missing, but that will gradually accumulate in coming days. There’s also a good chance that a lot of stuff is still broken, but that’s okay, too, since it’ll all get fixed as I find it. Comments are welcome, but will probably not account for much.

It’s been a tough few days yet again. And things are getting a little tense, timing-wise, about getting all the school stuff taken care of. The biggest question has been whether it makes more sense to go in the fall or the spring. Financial sense, that is. NYC is not cheap, and I am not rich. I also do not have savings right now.

But we’ll make it happen, one way or another. One way or another.

Ahd welcome to 2007.

P.S. For anyone who’s ever curious, Internet Explorer has some serious bugs with rendering multiple floats in content boxes, even when correctly sized. Specifically, in this page I encountered a situation in which the nested floats in the last content box in a larger content box would always break the container.

Yes, my code checks out at W3C, feel free, both XHTML and CSS. And this thing has rendered correctly in Firefox and Konqueror/Safari throughout. The solution for IE, ultimately, was to pepper these liberally throughout the page near the bottoms of content boxes containing nested floats:

<div class=”same_as_siblings” style=”height: 0px;”>
  <– Note single use of null height –>

What a bunch of crap. But it seems to push all the little floats back inside their boxes, and it still renders right in Firefox and Konq, and it still validates, too. So there.

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