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After a night of fixing things  §

I’m still sad after the fiasco yesterday. The girl and I just aren’t getting along well enough to make up and make progress, at least right now. It seems that we can’t talk without fighting. We both seem to feel continuously accused. Maybe we are. Maybe that’s the problem.

No snow today. It was a bona fide spring day, the first in quite a while — we’ve had mostly snow and wind through March and April. I don’t know what I’m posting about. I guess I’m just posting to post, in a quiet moment. I’ve been working a lot lately, and when not working have been intensely bewildered and grey in color.

I wish she’d just listen to me. She always tells me I don’t listen, but she knows less and less about me all the time, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to catch up without getting us both offended by each other. I guess that’s just what happens sometimes.

As a side note that only those affected will notice, the last render bug on the 2007 page is now fixed, at least in any browser that I’m going to worry about. Odd solution: place a 1px border around the affected <div> and reduce it’s height by 2px. Fixed what appears to be a buggy large margin-top property in the early gecko code.

This is the most “heavy” design container I’ve done since ’02 and the first that I’ve done with someone else’s content management backend (Greymatter) rather than my own home-cooked shell scripts. We now render in:

Mozilla 1+
Opera 8+

The highlight of the day was seeing the page render correctly in Mozilla 1.0 on my Sun Sparc 20 running Aurora. Yes, I am a geek. Good enough. Welcome to the new site, officially out of “beta.” Heh.

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