Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Saturday song  §

Turned on my phone. New messages — okay, sure. Dial the voice mail. “18 new messages,” says the cooked technofemale voice. Ummmm, no. Turned phone back off. Sorry everybody, right now I just don’t care, whoever is calling me. I don’t even have 18 friends. It’s probably all the school system.

I keep getting all of these anti-aging spams. “Eliminate your wrinkles!” “Melt age away.” “Look ten years younger.”

Who fucking cares?! Who is so unimaginative as to want to look ten years younger? My god, embrace life already, all you western lot. Oh, you already do? By wearing a crystal, chanting a mantra you found on the alternarag at the library, and hiring a post-menopausal Feng Shui coach named Rhonda Kennedy?

Oh, well then, you are enlightened. Go and get your plastic surgery and slather yourself in anti-wrinkle cream, by all means! You deserve it, wise one!

Stupid @#(*%#$ white people. You have no clue.

Actually, I’ve decided that I dislike nearly all of Anglo-Saxony. Boring, cultureless, tedious people. I didn’t used to be bugged by the whole white America thing, but recently I think I am.

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