Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Things  §

1) My high school is #163 of Newsweek’s “Top 1000 High Schools” in the U.S for college-bound kids. That makes me feel really sorry for American high school students from “lower” schools, because I hated my high school. I was college bound and I felt like I had to throw a tantrum to be allowed to learn and study rather than just be babysat like a brain-dead inmate.

2) There are too many birthdays and holidays in my life to keep track of. Since January: New Year, father’s birthday, a sister’s birthday (#1), Chinese New Year, St. Valentine’s day, my birthday, a sister’s birthday (#4), St. Patrick’s day, a sister’s birthday (#3), Easter/Equinox, a sister’s birthday (#2, today), May Day, and next week, Mother’s day, with more to follow. It’s beginning of May (month #5) and by next week there will have been over a dozen “special” days that involve celebration, gift-giving, or some sort of observance. That is more than one every other week, i.e. **too many**, especially with how busy and stressful my life is right now. I have no time or money to gift-shop (again) but wouldn’t you know it, today I am gift-shopping (again). I’m all for “celebrating life,” but this is f’n ridiculous.

3) My credit card was stolen for the fifth time this week. Not the card, just the number. The Man called me to tell me that someone was trying to use my credit card to make a large purchase in China. He wanted to know if I was in China trying to make a large purchase. I told him “No.” He told me he’d cancel that card and send me a new card. I guess it’s just the price of doing business in modernity.

4) It’s **hard** to take pictures of anything these days. Everyone is freaked out, either because they think you’re invading their privacy if you take a photo of anything that is also in **their** line of sight, or because they think you’re a terrorist (if they’re one of **those** people). Everyone takes the existence of documentary photos for granted. Everyone also complains about how “plastic” marketing has become. They don’t seem to understand that the only way that documentary photos exist is if someone is allowed (if not paid) to take them, and that the reason marketing looks more and more fake is that nothing is allowed to be snapped and even if you manage to snap it no one will allow an image of themself or anything they own (and let’s face it, **everything** is onwed) to be used, for whatever reason. There will be no real pictures for the next generation to use to study us. They will all be fakes, Photoshop jobs, or plastic perfect. And we will be to blame.

5) I am tired of social existence. I prefer to be a sociopath and lunatic. It’s easier.

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