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We now know why the 9/11 attacks seem so poorly investigated and why, if the WTC was destroyed by “our” people, the news media never covered it and independent investigators never investigated it. They have all been blackmailed, threatened, pressed—by a federal government heavy with leverage gained through domestic intelligence, thus having acquired the ability to make things go “very badly” for anyone in any food chain that dares to ask whether the PNAC and Israel are actually involved in 9/11, whether the Iraq war was really about WMD or oil at all, or what the true motives might be.

How deep does this thing go? Who’s really running the country? The world?

Watch the video. The whole thing.

It’s all just a theory, of course.

Oh, except for the secret prisons, torture during investigations, chlandestine detentions without evidence or trial, real-time cataloguing of ALL domestic communications activity, closure of any congressionally-mandated investigation into 9/11 or the NSA, 750+ signing statements, or threats against whistleblowers and press agents. Those are real.

The rest is just a theory…

As an aside, several in the technical community have made the point that the multiple petabytes on store at each of the NSA domestic spying sites is multiple orders of magnitude larger than the amount of storage required for a mere calling list, given the known call volume of United States citizens.

What else is taking up that space? And what could it be that Russel Tice is planning on telling the closed committee before which he’ll testify on Wednesday?

To these questions I add only the following facts about cell phones:

1) It already common practice for law enforcement (with a subpoena, traditionally) to log the movements of suspects by watching the movements of their cell phones through the communications network. This information can easily be recorded and aggregated.

2) Cell phones are just little computers. They do what they are told, and most of their instructions come from the cell towers (rather than the keypads as most consumers would assume). When you short the left, center, and right pins simultaneously on Nokia phones, the phone goes into a lock mode. Reset it and you’ll find that a new mode has been activated in the profiles section. Select this new mode and whenever the phone is dialed, it won’t ring but will instead let you listen silently to whomever is around it. There is no technical reason why such a mode (or indeed, any cell phone feature at all) cannot be activated used, and deactivated again from tower command without the user ever realizing it, and it is interesting that such a mode is present but initially hidden from users when the phone is purchased. There is also no technical reason why other brands or models of phones might not have similar “feautres” hidden in them.

Given 1) and 2) above, in combination with the equipment necessary to do endpoint tracking of all domestic calls in the US, now largely stipulated to, one could build a database that contains:

1) The data of all domestic calls in the united states, both endpoints and content.
2) The positional data of all cellphone carriers at all times.
3) A third body of content consisting of on-demand recordings of environmental sound made by cell phones while their owners were not actually talking on them nor aware of any recording going on.

Add to this the facts that all medical information, financial information, and electronic (i.e. World Wide Web) use information is already maintained by various institutions in database formats that would be easy to integrate into a single, larger database, and your mind is drawn back to the program that was supposely killed in the early days of the Bush Administration.

What was it called?

Oh yes… **Total Information Awareness**

Hi, big brother. I hope you are well today.

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