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For all the women in my life who:

– Wonder whether people can be beautiful as they age
– Wonder whether the famous w/$$$ cosmetics + plastic surgery really look younger

(basically these days seems like all of the women in my life)

Here’s Madonna posing for a Max Factor ad. Note the differences between the originals (pre-Photoshopped) and the actual ad (in which she looks a dozen years younger at least). This is what capitalism is doing to sell you those Max Factor products—making you feel insecure about yourselves by showing you impossible human fakes so that you’ll “need” their product, the irony being that the most famous who model for them don’t actually tend to use it.

I have to say that I prefer the real shots and think they’re more attractive. They’ve got more mystery, more ethos, and more personality to them, and in some undefinable way, she’s just prettier when she looks more human.

For those who haven’t managed to see it yet, there’s also this classic shot from a rather famous photo designer/retoucher. She doesn’t have ten kinds of work done, but she’s sure useful for the hard sell to get your daughter/sister/mother/wife to get ten kinds of work done and make industry $$$$$ in the process. Grrrrrr.

And more to the point, I prefer a world in which our insecurities aren’t exploited by cynical corporations in order to make a few dollars (on the backs of young girls getting anorexia and older girls getting crappy rock-hard fake boobs). But that’s me.

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