Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Populist punditry  §

Don’t blame the companies that hire cheap labor. Don’t blame the companies that outsource jobs or move manufacturing overseas. Blame capitalism and the investor class and the “American way.” Publicly traded companies rely on investors and sales. Investors buy stocks that produce the best earnings. Customers by products that are available at the lowest cost. The best earnings are produced by companies that follow cheap labor. The lowest cost is offered by companies that follow cheap labor.

On both counts, investors get rich, labor (both cheaply employed and newly unemployed) gradually gets screwed.

People who throw tantrums about companies that outsource or move jobs overseas, and who a breath later support free markets and capitalism… don’t get it. The “companies and the public should be more patriotic than that” argument is not only stupid, it’s simply infantile and naive. Capital is not patriotic, nor is hunger.

Welcome to globalization, you dumb f*cks.