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an end to metaphysical suffering  §

The libertarians have it exactly backward. People should not be free. They must not be free if overall contentment and happiness is to be maximized. There must be no individual; every person must have their lives assigned to them and must be happy with what they’re assigned. The collective must impose its will for the good of the collective, as an aggregate of the all.

People must not be allowed to make their own decisions, set their own goals, or follow their own desires. They must be carefully educated, then forced to think for themselves even as they are forcibly forbidden from acting for themselves. Those that don’t understand why must be removed from social circulation.

To allow individuals to attempt to maximize their own happiness is to ensure that they will do so at the expense of others. It is not a net gain, but a net imbalance within the system that not only increases instability but actually decreases overall aggregate happiness.

The state must run lives.
And in a successful state, no one will want their autonomy.

And who runs the state? What ideology will form the basis for the population’s interaction and existence? I begin to believe that it doesn’t matter, so long as it has an iron hand, a pragmatic judiciousness, unassailable self-consistency, a dominating anti-corruption mechanism, and the ability to ensure that all are seamlessly enculturated to extoll the normalcy and mundanity of the collective lebensgeist.

Individualism is the core of all suffering.
Ruthless-yet-benevolent collectivism is our only hope of saving the planet, the species, and our souls.

Political power, barrels of guns, etc.

To eat alone is desolate; to starve together ecstatic.

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