Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

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Not so much the story, but the comments. Sound familiar? Jesus, what’s wrong with our generation? After hours reading all the shite back and forth and unable to take my eyes off of this train wreck, this is my favorite part, by YHWH way down on the page:

“What he have here is a fundamental inability to look at things from another person’s perspective.”

And I can’t help but think, as I read it… **Yeah. Welcome to America.** Sometimes for days on end I have nothing but that sinking feeling (and the experiences that bear out) that nobody can see it from anyone else’s perspective in this culture, ever.

It’s not just that our generation can’t have healthy relationships (as every one of my friends can attest to). It is broader than that. It is that we’re not nice people in any way at all. We’re all living in perpetual Seinfeld episodes. We’re raised in a jingoistic, repressive, racist, anti-intellectual society and are then constantly manipulated by a capitalist system that makes its biggest profits when it can use advertising and pervasive public communication and lobbied legislation to make us feel insecure or afraid (even, sometimes, of each other and ourselves) so that they can sell us all the cock pills, the fake boobs, the fast cars, the anti-aging cream—the “cure” to fix what we’ve been made to believe sucks about us, or the “status” that we’ve been made to believe we need in order to avoid being made irrelevant and unloved by the power-lunch super-model competitors they’ve assured us we have.

But in the midst of this, the deeper subtext is that this upbringing and this system have caused us to grow a kind of aggressive defensiveness, an internal nuclear button that we press all the time and that sends out waves of radiation in all directions, most particularly at whomever is disappointing us at the moment—and we are always preemptively disappointed because we know in advance (we feel like we’ve been told on pretty good authority, though we can’t put a finger on just by whom) that we’re gonna get let down, insulted, abused, threatened, made to feel small. Americans are assholes because only if you are entirely self-absorbed and amoral can you survive and not be raped by our culture and our economy full of similarly self-absorbed, amoral people acting preemptively to, take you for all you’re worth, scam you, slam you, destroy you, unemploy you, break you down and fuck you around, because they’re afraid you’re gonna do it to them first.

This country and this system try to break people. To survive, we turn into psychopaths. We turn on each other and the world. And in the meantime, we’re all lonely, we all cry continuously, we all drink ourselves into early deaths.

I feel sorry for all of us. We’re unhappy. We’re lonely. We suck. And we’re killing everyone else, too.

Hooray for the USA, the free market, and the classical democratic liberalism that got us here!

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