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“blogs”  §

When I started putting my diary online in 1999 I called it (drumroll) my “web diary.” Then later the word “blog” came about and people used it to refer to these things that they wrote that were full of their own ideas, a couple of comments about how dirty the subway was, something about how they hated their doctor sometimes, and a recipe for what they had for dinner.

That’s what this is.

Unfortunately, like everything else the actual term “blog” has been unpacked and exploited by marketing and capitalism to sell a product to the masses and the term has now taken on the air of “independent news program” so that I get email from people saying “this is the shittiest blog ever, what are you even trying to focus on here?”

Um, me. I’m trying to focus on me here. It’s my personal website, Jones. Clue stick a-ha. So, from now on and in the future I’m not calling myself a “blogger” and if anyone asks if I have a blog, I’ll say “no, nothing like that, but I do have a diary on the web.”

Not that it matters. Yes, I know, this is the worst web diary ever. Beh.

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