Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  §

Listen, all you stoopid American pundits, I’m tired of hearing this question:

“If the government of Lebanon is really a legitimate democracy, how can they allow a terrorist organization like Hezbollah to remain a part of the government? If they’re a democracy, why don’t they boot Hezbollah out of the government?”

Jesus, how stupid can we be as Americans? Do people really not understand this? Are we really that far gone? No wonder G.W. is ru(i)n(n)ing the world.

Democracy = Votes

People vote for you = You get elected

People vote for Hezbollah = Hezbollah gets elected

Elected officials were to get booted out of government = Government would NOT be a democracy

Ten years ago people in poly sci and IR used to laugh at the historians and anthropologists when we told them that the last thing they wanted in the Middle East was democracy. There already was one in Israel, and what did they do? Vote to oppress+segregate+imprison Arabs. You put in some Arab democracies and what will they do? Vote to attack Jews. In short, you democratize the Middle East, you create World War III.

Which Bush may now have done.

Shoulda thought harder, or maybe asked someone from the cultural-behavioral wings of the social sciences instead of always thinking with your missiles as you forcefully bring the vote to people that have a bone to pick.

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