Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

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George Bush came to office with a trade surplus, a strong international community and peace, an ally in Russia and virtually every other G8 nation, a stable, secularizing Middle East, a strong domestic economy, pragmatic energy policy, and a trend of increasing conservation and environmental preservation. The U.S. was not a civil rights leader per se, but at least was regarded as a neutral-to-benign force by most other nations and peoples in the world.

He will leave office with trade deficits and a national debt that are all-time records by an order of magnitude, a destroyed international community now discussing the dissolution of the U.N., an enemy in Russia (with most other G8 leaders booted out in their countries due to support for Bushian policy), a radicalized, Iran-dominated, unstable Middle East, a bubble economy teetering on the brink of collapse, an international and domestic energy crisis, and a trend of utter disregard and destruction of the environment. The U.S. has become an egregious civil rights violator and will in the future be regarded as an imperial, militaristic threat by most other nations and peoples in the world.

This man may go down in history as the single most important factor in bringing about the end of the post-Cold-war civilized world. He may yet end up less well-regarded than Hitler and Stalin due to the broad swath of destruction that he has wrought on all people and things that exist—the single worst person, symbolically, in all of modern history.

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