Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Racism  §

FINALLY someone calls it what it is.

And then there is this, which begins by discussing the latest book in the Iraq idiocy, but finishes with the best, most concise, most cogent analysis yet on the Middle East question and indeed the entire post-World War II world.

Israel: “We want peace! (On your backs, in your land.)”

Well, the house (who WE pay) has finally figured out how to make political hay out of the estate tax and the minimum wage, without having to actually do anything at all. How?

Tie them together in a bill that pairs a minimum wage increase with the repeal of the estate tax. It’ll never become law, of course, but now, in the next election Republicans can say “We wanted to increase the minimum wage, but Democrats wouldn’t support it,” and the Democrats can say “The Republicans wanted to offer a new tax cut to the very, very richest 1% in this country, and we finally managed to stop it.”

Meanwhile, few in the public will realize that these bills are one and the same, along with half a dozen other policy issues tied to the same document.

We pay these people, and the public knows shit all about how their government works. Americans deserve every anal reaming they get.

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