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So this is my second post of the day after an extended period of rare, thin postings. After hearing from a couple different people over the last 24, I feel as though I ought to put something out there for everybody who knows me and actually reads this thing (about five people, but oh well) and with whom I’ve been less than communicative over the last few months.

So here it is.

You know I never made it to Alaska. What happened after that? I came back to Salt Lake City to do my work. Girlfriend went back to Santa Barbara to do her work. Then 6 months passed and now it’s today and for no reason that should be mentioned here in particular, we haven’t spoken in any deeply-emotionally-connected way in about two months. I don’t know where that stands. No idea.

Over the course of those months, my longtime publisher went through something of a reorganization and my writing career has flagged, in part due to said reorganization and in part due to my own lack of attention. In any case, my writing career has been relegated to a role as a sort of mini-career. I make some, but not all that much, with writing.

In the meantime, I’ve also launched another sort of mini-career (finally) as a photographer. One or two events, some stock photos, etc. It’s good for several hundreds of dollars on odd months, arriving in irregular batches here and there. I’ve affiliated myself with a larger photo source with a different sort of clientelle and hope to build that into a bigger career (or at least bigger income) at some point, but I’m not there yet and it’ll take time. As in months or years. I do have some (very inexpensive) pro gear again, though, and have spent much of the summer trying to acclimatize myself to a different photo ethos (necessary for stock shooting) and to this new (very inexpensive) gear.

I got accepted to the graduate program at the New School for Social Research and accepted a place there. I have my accounts all set up, the paperwork and loans in place, and a spot reserved at International House New York City. Money problems were present for a moment, but now look to have been solved—if I can make myself okay with the solution.

The state of affairs right now is therefore this:

– Did not go to Alaska
– Am less of a writer than once before (but still writing)
– Am more of a photographer than once before
– Don’t know if I’m single or not, don’t want to try to solve the problem/answer the question
– Don’t know how I feel about anyone
– Might be moving to NYC to start a Ph.D. in less than 20 days
– Am not so much overwhelmed as exhausted and full of loging for some other set of options

That’s all for now, I have to get to work.

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