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raining like a bastard outside  §

rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain

I was going to go downtown to the university’s library today but it’s raining far too hard, so instead I’m sitting in a Starbucks job hunting. I do think I need a job, in addition to all this freelance crap.

It’s my own personal cross: I can do everything. I’ve written six books. I’ve sold thousands of photos. I’ve networked buildings and labs and can manage everything from large-scale UNIX systems running arcane architectures to little PCs running Windows. I’m an amazing photo retoucher and a superb editor. I’m also a pretty strong social scientist. Silly job skills like Word and Excel? Gimme a break, I’ve trained the people that train others. I’ve written macros that are running companies. For free. 🙁

Unfortunately, I’m not credentialed in any of these areas and all of my experience in them is independent, freelance, straight-to-market, or volunteer, not under the supervision of a boss—so I have no “track record” with previous supervisors to which I can point. Which means that whenever I’m job hunting, I’m always starting at the entry level (even though I have no business there) and having to justify myself and “put in my hours” to climb.

I’ve reached the point/age in life at which I think I’m just a permanent, dyed-in-the-wool independent/freelancer, because I can do much better for myself by simply doing an end-run around corporate/organizational culture and going straight to market—even though opportunities are limited.

I mean—if you were me—would you rather write another network security book/take a few more photos to make a minor living with, or would you instead go work as an entry-level janitor for less money and hope in ten years to work your way up to your being “allowed” to touch and maybe, just maybe, operate one of the PCs in your building, for a minor raise?

I’m a social scientist, I know all about the reasons for my predicament. That doesn’t mean I have to like them.

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