Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here


Just read the transcript of the protest speech. It kills me that he isn’t going to run again. He brought so much hope to the city, to the state—he was the one voice that made it seem as though someday it might actually emerge from the sweaty middle-aged white Republican CEO darkness that dominates it… but I can only assume that without Rocky’s political gravitas, the progressive voters of the downtown area will lose their cohesion once more and the outlying areas—the barbarians and almost-polygamists—will rule again.

Way to go Rocky, in (presumably) one of your last great international hurrahs as mayor. You’ve done a great deal for Salt Lake City.

CounterPunch has a nice little ditty on The Global Goebbles. Check it out. And then somebody go and hang him, please.

Gaaaah, I so thought we were past the “my Microsoft sales rep came by and gave me a huge discount on a streaming media solution so long as I exclude all non-Windows, non-IE users” days… but I guess not. Shame on you, CSTV, for first absorbing my own alma mater’s sports programs into your greasy fold, and then for throwing me (and countless other fans—after all, college campuses are where Macs are most prevalent, not to mention Linux users like myself) out.

I guess you’re gonna go down with the ship. Good luck to you in the increasingly non-IE, non-Microsoft world.

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