Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

technical notes  §

This morning, finally fed up with the increasing sluggishness of Firefox in Fedora Core 5, I went out and discovered SwiftFox, little more than a Firefox for Linux compiled with processor optimizations (including a Pentium-IIIM version, which I downloaded).

My God! This thing is three times (if not more) faster than the standard Firefox compile that Fedora is shipping. I paired it with Fasterfox (an extension that does pipelining and prefetching, among other things) and my page load times have been sliced by 75% on a PIIIM-1.13GHz. No kidding. And the interactivity factor (wheel scrolling, menu renders, canvas refresh) is much, much improved as well.

All this has me, this morning, thinking that maybe it’s time I finally buckle under, let my inner geek back into my life, and try Gentoo like I’ve been meaning to do for half a decade now. I always felt like a 10-15% speedup just wasn’t enough to justify the switch, but if I realize the same 50-75% speedup that I did with Firefox… hmmmm…


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