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I’m also particularly frustrated with the misguided mostly “social” (read: clueless, identity politics-driven) “liberals” who continue to label the current administration “communist” and “Trotskyite” (mainly because of one prominent column in which Kristol was called a Trotskyite).

Really the entire “social” wing of the progressive bunch in this country is teetering on the boundary of being a liability simply through their inability to grasp policy and economics as the principle sources of power, getting lost instead in mazes of identity (feminist vs. anti-feminist, gay vs. straight, pro-pot vs. anti-drug, etc.) as though the powerful cabal at the top ultimately gives half a damn whether you’re a gay feminist pothead or a straight male “Promise Keeper.” So long as they can steal your labor and your intellectual autonomy, they’re happy either way.

This government is fascist. It is fascist through and through. The second coming of the Weimar years are giving way, slowly and surely, to a Nazi regime, and all the signs are falling into place. We need to be fighting, voting, and making plans to get out, not running around squealing confused, idiotic nonsense about how we need to stop the Trotskyit communists and socialists in the Bush administration because they want to control our bodies. The Bush administration are not communist and socialist. We need all the socialist resolve we can muster right now.

Your body will be dead if you don’t do something about it, and that something needs to not include diluting progressive messages with leftover anti-leftist tendencies.

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