Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Once upon a time  §

a very long time ago, I was an undergrad at a major state university in Salt Lake City. I was an anthropology student and lived on coffee and bagels and fell asleep in trees with open books lying across my face. I was a writer by day and a blogger by night and my blog posts were actually interesting.

What’s the difference between then and now? I think now, as happens to many people, I have outlived myself. Now I’m a crusty grad student in New York eager to get done and get out. My blog posts don’t say what I think much of the time because I’m afraid that people from whom I might someday need favors will actually read them. I haven’t slept in a tree in years. I’m poor and out of shape and not terribly excited by anything.

Adulthood sucks. It is the pits. I also dislike judgmental people, the “real world,” and the American way of life that’s all about consumption (that was a preemptive response to all those wiser-than-thou conservatives I know who will say “well it’s easy to say you don’t like America when you’re enjoying all that it has to offer,” and they mean, of course, Coke in plastic bottles, blue jeans, fast food, and Doritos, the height of human experience).

I wish I was camped at Everest base camp right now.

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