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So the GOP appears to be collapsing from the inside, but in the midst of it all there are now rumors of a surge in puts expiring on October 6th and October 21st, along with rumors of a coming staged Tonkin-style attack on U.S. Navy vessels designed to… what? Justify an invasion of Iran? Justify the suspension of the elections?

It’s not like I’m really taking any of this stuff seriously, but at the same time, it’s been really tough to take this administration seriously, so there’s just a tiny inkling of doubt. What if?

Bah. Gotta be tinfoil hat crap, right? Even so, the fact that it makes you pause is evidence of just how far we’ve fallen. And let’s not forget that it’s already been reported in the mainstream that we’re massing forces in ways that look suspiciously Iran-centric and that Iran says U.S. special ops have been spotted inside Iran, presumably for targetting.

Meanwhile, it now turns out that Republicans are pedophiles and Condi lied under oath, the same offense for which they impeached Clinton. This makes my head spin, all of it.

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