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Signs point toward an invasion of Iran before election day.

Expeditionary Strike Group 5, according to the Navy’s own news is on its way to the region for deployment. This group is capable of single-handedly waging air war on Iran. Combine with Cheney’s recent statements about a single terrorist incident being enough to warrant an Iran attack, and his rhetoric about a “decapitation” strike against Iran that would lead to a popular revolution in support of the U.S. (they somehow believe), and online rumors of a Tonkin-style incident that will cripple or sink the U.S.S. Enterprise (part of the group and scheduled for retirement within a decade anyway) that will “justify” retaliation, and evidence of a surge in put orders expiring before the election… and you have a lot of coincidences.

I think we might be about to stage a false “attack” on ESG 5, which will then retaliate with air strikes and take us into a full-scale war. Several analysts said that Bush and Cheney see it as their life’s mission or calling from God to launch the war between civilizations, and that they will be sure to do it before they leave office (or perhaps sooner if they feel as though the window is closing, as would be the case with a Democratic swing in Congress). Are we going to attack Iran? Ugh.

Scary “see also” here.

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