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Today has been a productive day.

Today I have engaged in more “thought work” than I have done in ages. Years, at least. Not academic thought work, but personal thought work. I shall watch Otto e Mezzo tonight before I go to sleep.

I was troubled by the dream I had last night, and I still remember it and in a way am still troubled by it. But it has been helpful, and has led to the victory that is today. And it is a victory. I have, in a way, rediscovered myself, something that I suppose must be done every now and then—every few months or years, almost like a molting.

Bah. Bad metaphor. But no matter.

Life proceeds in cyclical stages, primarily because of the atomic and idiosyncratic nature of being. You are you, subject, and the revolutions, though evolutions, still always return to their origin in some way, despite the linearity of time, the multiplicity of reflection inherent in social being, and the silliness of crap.

Once a long time ago an instructor told me that I am an idiot prone to flashes of brilliance and I am happy to have internalized such a statement, though I sometimes wonder if I haven’t amended it to “When I flash, it is brilliant.”

I should have been a philosopher. Okay, I am a philosopher, but I mean professionally. I am in the “philosophical wing” of the social sciences. Social workers are aliens to me, while epistemologists are golf buddies. I suppose the primary reason I didn’t launch into a philosophy Ph.D. is that it’s the only doctorate less monetizable than the social sciences Ph.D.

I don’t talk to my cousins nearly enough. Doctors all, now, oddly. They were large influences on me when I was young. They were the people that I played with or admired, and the people at whose weddings I’ve stood. We need to rope this family in, bring it together. We are already a dynasty.

Not that I’m a capitalist or anything. 😉

The most redeemable thing about Goleta was Freebirds. What I wouldn’t give to have a Freebirds on the corner of 125th and Broadway. Silly rhetorical question. I would give exactly $20 right now to have a Freebirds on the corner of 125th and Broadway.

That total will no doubt increase.

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