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The number of Iraqi casualties as reported in a new study set to be published in the Lancet (a peer-reviewed medical journal) whose method compares a cluster-sampled pre-war death rate in Iraq vs. the current death rate in Iraq. This method counts the overall impact of the war: the increase in death due to disease, due to the reduction in medical care, due to the lack of electricity and fuel, due to homelesness, and all of the other “secondary causes” that the Bush administration refuses to acknowledge.

According to the Bush administration, if an American bullet kills you, then you’re a casualty of the war. If on the other hand your house is knocked down by a bomb, and you become homeless as a result, then catch a disease from stagnant water (because the plumbing isn’t working now) and end up dying from it (because there’s also almost no medical care left), according do the Bush administration you’re not a casualty of war, just a hell of an unlucky Iraqi.

This study corrects for that misguided definition of “casualty” by comparing the rate at which people normally die in Iraq (i.e. pre-war) vs. how many people are dying now that we are fighting there.

And the difference in the count is well over 600,000 since we invaded. Just over 3,000 dead American soldiers vs. well over 600,000 Iraqis. For every one American soldier killed, 200 Iraqis have to die. Think they’re all terrorists? Really? There are only 24 million Iraqis. This means that more than 1 out of every 40 Iraqis in the country has been killed by the war. Americans, what would you do if some foreign leader marched into your country with an army and declared that 1 out of every 40 Americans would be killed in order to “liberate” you from your own government?

Does anyone still wonder why they hate us?

P.S. Human Rights Watch counts Saddam’s victims at only 200,000 or so. Bush, in other words, is three times as deadly to Iraqis as was Saddam. Liberation indeed.

The upside is that if Bush “stays the course” until he leaves office in 2008, he has a good chance of joining the “million corpses club” along with Stalin and Hitler. Sich Heil, mein Führer Herr Bush.

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