Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

things  §

– Have really got to start to crunch on the papers
– Need to clean the pad up
– Need to build next Alamy submission out, it’s here, it just isn’t ready
– Need to do a bunch of paperwork that I’ve been putting off
– Need to develop healthier living habits
– Blah, blah, need, need, too much minutiae in modern life

I’m sort of down that over the last few years there are a lot of fun holidays that I don’t really share with anyone anymore. For example, Hallowe’en. Here’s a holiday for kids. It’s innocent, relaxed, autumnal. Adults always turn into a wannabe BDSM party or a theme booze-up. Bleh. That destroys the spirit of the thing for me, it’s mean to be light and enjoyable, not cynical or bitingly funny.

Dear God, as an American I’ve had enough of cynical and bitingly funny. I’ll be glad if I die having never encountered cynical and bitingly funny again. I want fluff. Give me fluff!

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