Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here


Today I was told once again by a very nice smiling someone that I make trouble. Why are people always telling me that I make trouble? And why do I like it when they say that?

Tonight I was thinking about something that I said before in class: sociology is the history of modernity. I said at the time that I didn’t know what it meant, but later I qualified it by saying that all fields of the social sciences arise from particular historical circumstances. A sort of cop-out.

Now I’m really prepared to defend the claim, I think. History is the would-be pedagogical narrative of bourgeois Europe. Anthropology is the would-be pedagogical narrative of colonialism. Political Science and Economics are the would-be pedagogical narratives of rationalized markets. Sociology is the would-be pedagogical narrative of modernity. And postmodernism is the would-be pedagogical narrative of the crisis of modernity. And just what this pedagogical enterprise is is the political argument amongst them all.

I love blogging, because I can make specious claims.

I love specious claims, because they make lovely light blogging.

I’m so narcicisstic that I read my own blog.

I’m so shamless that I call myself narcicisstic on my own blog.

Gosh, I love just about everything. Hahahahaha. As an aside, I have too damn much email to which I need to reply. A certain wager can be made that I’ll never bother. Another wager can be made with respect to my ability to sleep well tonight, for various reasons.

Last night it was so hot in here I nearly roast. Those are the wages of centrally-controlled apartment heating. It seems a waste to run the building heater to 6,000 kelvin thus requiring residents to strip down to impoverishment and open the window as wide as it goes to let some freezing air in.

A Chinese? Do I think of myself as “a Chinese?” I suppose in some ways I do. But I suspect that 100% Chinese would laugh at this until their little sides hurt.


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